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British Art Exhibitions

British Art Exhibitions derived from artists and advertising/promotions specialists. We’ve had artists, galleries and groups contact us from all over the UK and as far afield as Europe and Australia.

Our exhibitions offer the lowest costs for artists so they can readily participate. Our events offer amazing opportunities to sell work in some of the busiest venues, with maximum footfall. Run by a collection of artists frustrated by the lack of exhibitions and the often tedious entry processes. We hire some amazing spaces around the UK for all artists to exhibit, promote and sell their works.

How we work
We operate the exhibitions over several days to a week. We often invite famous guest artists with a well-established following. We offer space on a first come basis, however we do email our members in advance of a new exhibition date. Each artist is offered an individual space based on panels or number of works. We ask the artists to individually price their works and any limited-edition prints. Our staff will represent the artist and 100% of the sale proceeds is paid direct to the artist (less any bank fees if applicable).


WWe are exploring the opening of galleries in the UK and overseas. Giving our members the opportunity to exhibit their works around the world. The galleries will be operated in conjunction with our local agents.


Through our associations we will produce over 150,000 magazines and catalogues annually in the UK. As we develop the business with our agents and associations, we will expand the offerings into other countries.

Overseas Exhibitions

Our first overseas exhibitions were scheduled for April, March and November 2020. However due to the Corona-Virus outbreak these were unfortunately cancelled. We are now planning these events for the same periods in 2021.

Associates & Partners

We've formed some great associations with individuals and companies around the world and continue to search for more opportunities. We welcome ideas and concepts and treat all enquiries as confidential.