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Forartis offers artists the opportunity to promote their work within separate counties in a high-quality printed publication - Artists Directory. Our Artist's Brochures are distributed to local venues, such as hotels, galleries, art exhibitions, etc where they are readily available to potential collectors.
Forartis in associations with World Art Exhibitions and Incubation Arts, a group of individuals and companies who are strongly linked to the Arts in one aspect or another. Jointly we aim to enhance every nuance of Art, in a way that will support and develop the different facets, that come together to make up Art as whole. It is about encouragement, listings and promotion. The Companies work with parties that produce Art and showcase selections of their work via sponsored Directories, Exhibitions, Listings, public facing selling and workshops – and with the re-vamped websites, ensure anyone associated with Art, has the chance to demonstrate what they are about and what they like - and how they too engage with others.  

Listings, Directories and Exhibitions and “spreading the word” have become the key theme of late – picking up where the gradual eroding of the important work of Teachers, Art Curators and Arts Development Officers has been weakened from less public researching of Art and local Artists. Such is so critically important in relation to the Exhibitions held in various parts of the Country (as well as grassroots - but vital local Art Galleries and Framers, as well as Arts Trails, Workshops and Festivals) - and that are such to their communities. Who knows where the adventure may head, but - remaining switched on and a follower of Art, mean, as a collective, Art will remain strong and in our hearts.
Running directories in Cheshire and Derbyshire since 2016, we have had a fantastic response from our artists, sponsors and of course the public. Our directories are landscape A5 and artists can enter a half page promotion. Each page displays all the details captured in our form submission. 

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